50 Things To Do When You Are 50: Suzy’s List

50 Things To Do When You Are 50:  Suzy’s List
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Here is the beginning of my 50 Tasks, 50 Challenges or 50 Things To Do When You’re 50 listing. Whatever you want to call it, it all ends up being the same:

  1. Set up the Suzy’s 50 Tasks Project as a blog – you’re looking at it!
  2. Find a lesson learned from each task and document it (ie. write 50 blog posts)
  3. Fast on the thirteenth day of every month
  4. Use my communications skills to benefit someone other than my employer – pro bono
  5. Help out in a soup kitchen (or similar)
  6. Make a difference through a donation (on 30.06.2018) collecting money throughout the year – Water Charity Organisation
  7. Meet one of my mentors
  8. Play my sax solo in front of a group of people
  9. Declutter the house and put any money earned towards my chosen charity
  10. Finish something memorable for my daughter (it has been in the works for the past 20 years)
  11. Finish something memorable for my son (ditto – last 20 years)
  12. Catch a fish (and then return it to the water)
  13. Pay for a stranger’s coffee or tea
  14. Take something old and make it new
  15. Take a drawing course (if you have ever played Pictionary with me you’ll understand)
  16. Participate in the Vasalauf
  17. Go to a spiritual event
  18. Run a half-Marathon
  19. Complete a MCheck
  20. Eat vegan for an entire month
  21. Crossfit Challenge (of course!): 10x T2B / 5x HSPU / HS Walk 5m
  22. Write in a journal every day
  23. Involve friends in my Suzy’s 50 Tasks project
  24. Hire a coach for a fitness goal
  25. Take one day and break with all routines
  26. Read a horror book (I hate horror! and that’s why I should do it)
  27. Spend one day not speaking
  28. Restore something to its original beauty
  29. Rent a motorcycle and drive over a Swiss pass with my husband.
  30. Turn off my mobile every second Sunday for the whole year
  31. Call to action dear friends!! See my “With A Little Help From My Friends” post.
  32. Jarl F. task: go kayaking with me down the Reuss for at least an hour
  33. Thomas F. task: An enduro (off-road motorcycle) course with your husband. Just you, me, the bikes and a lot of gravel and dirt!
  34. Claudia V. task: 3. November 2017 Sax Concert at the Musikwerkstatt Brugg
  35. Gini D. task:  Let’s read a book together
  36. Renita K. task:  Have a deep coaching conversation to uncover your limiting beliefs or blind spots and step even more fully into your power…
  37. Claudia K task:  Give a Christmas concert in front of our neighbours (Flute, Bass, Cello & Sax)

As the suggestions come in, I will continue to fill in the list. So check back in whenever interested and latest June 30th, 2018 there will be a complete list to follow.

Comments (7)

  • I really love #18, 21, and 24. Fitness is a great way to spend your 50th year so you’re around for another 50.

    I’m trying really hard not to be selfish and insist you do something with me. But there is an ocean separating us and that’s not terribly fair (unless you have plans to come to Chicago again soon?!).

    I have one! Let’s read a book together.

    • I love this idea. I am in the process of reading my horror book(s) and haven’t quite made up my mind whether or not I am enjoying the experience. Hmmm, have to think of which book would be appropriate for this task. Unless you already have a suggestion?

  • Have a deep coaching conversation to uncover your limiting beliefs or blind spots and step even more fully into your power…

  • 8. Suzy in concert! Entweder am 3. November 2017 anlässlich des “tierischen Konzerts” in der Musikwerkstatt Brugg – natürlich themagerecht mit “Bumble Bee” oder einer Melodie aus dem “Karneval der Tiere”, oder dann am 19. Januar 2018 mit Musik nach freiem Belieben! Solo? Im Duett? Mit Klavier? Wir sind gespannt! 🙂

    • Author

      “Bumble Bee” Claudia?? Wie soll denn das gehen? Whew, da suche ich mir was anders aus, aber danke für dein Vertrauen. 🙂

  • 32. go kayaking with me down the reuss for at least an hour

    • Author

      It is a date! And sorry it took the blog to get me out in a Kajak but now that we have agreed on it, I am looking forward to it. Can we avoid the surfing wave?


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